Conference package: RTE Conference 2005

RTE Conference 2005

This package contains all the presentations that were given at the RTE Conference 2005, held from 18 - 20 October 2005 in Barcelona, Spain.

The theme of this conference was UV/EB - Join the Winning Technology!

10 Years of UV Crosslinking of Hotmelt PSA - A Success Story

3D Lithography of Organo-Sôluble Mold Materials for Sol-Gel Nanocomposites

A Novel Photolatent Base Catalyst for UV-A Clearcoat Applications

Acrylate Ester of Glycidyl Versatate - Reactive Diluent for Laminating and PSA UV Formulations

Advances in Two-Photon Photoinitiators and 3-D Microfabrication

Advantages in Flexo Printing and Laminating with EB Curing

Allophanate Structures as Building Blocks for Very Low Viscous Urethane Acrylates

An in situ Technique for Monitoring Curing. Process of UV-Curable Adhesives Using Relative Conductivity

Application of Modern EB-Processors in the Packaging Industry

Can UV Curing Inks and Coatings Exhibit Enough Technical and Economical Advantages

Cationic UV Cure on Polyolefins

Cationic vs Free Radical UV Curing Silicone Release Coatings

Characterization of Low Voltage EB Processors

Characterizing the Curing Capabilities of UV LEDs

Combination of Microwave Drying and UV Curing for Waterborne Lacquers on Wood Surfaces

Computer Modeling of 3D UV Curing Processes

Description of Surface Defects during the Processing or Curing of UV-lacquer Systems

Development of Biodegradable Photopolymers for Bone Tissue Engineering

Development of High Performance Photo-Curable Polymers and Oligomers Using Novel Reactions of Oxetane Compounds

Digital Production Printing with Dry Full Colour UV Curable Toner

Direct Observation of Acrylate Radicals: A New Access to their Reactivity

Dispersion and Stabilisation of Matting Agents Using Hyperdispersants in UV Wood Coatings

EB Curing in the Packaging Industry - Opportunities & Challenges

Embracing EB/UV Coatings as Attractive Coating Technology for the Food Packaging Industry

Enhancing Mechanical Properties of UV-Curing Wood Varnishes by Synergistic Combinations of Silicones

EU collaborative Research as a Mean to Achieve Growth

Fast UV - A Curable Clearcoat

Further Covalently Bonded Photoinitiators

Gas Sealed UV Dryer for Optimizing UV Applications

Hard or Flexible Coatings: Influence on Measured Performances

High Performance Coatings UV Multi-Layer Coatings Using Inorganic Nanoparticle

How to Avoid the Back Electron Transfer in Type II Photoinitiators

How to Coat Plastics with UV Curable Resins

How to Get Enhanced Adhesion on Plastic Substrates?

How to Improve the Scratch Resistance of UV Cured Wood Coatings?

Hydrogen Bonding and Rate Enhancement in Photoinduced Polymerization of Monofunctional Hydrogen Bonding Acrylate

Hyperbranched Polymers in Cationic UV Curing

Influence of Temperature and Atmospheric Components on the Curing Rate and Final Properties of UV Curing Acrylat

Ink Curing Applications with Low-Voltage Miniature EB Devices

Ink-Jet 3D Printing of Photopolymers Materials: An Emerging Rapid Prototyping Technology

Innocure - Curing Technology for High Speed Web Applications

Innovative Developments in UV Pigmented Low Viscosity (100% Solids) for Automotive and Metal Coating Industry

Innovative Wetting and Dispersing Additives for Radiation Curing Flexo Inks

Investigation of Phenyiglycine Derivatives Coinitiators

Investigation of Photoinitiator Reactivity: The Cleavage Process

Managing Research and Technology Towards Economic Value Maximization

Metal Containing Acrylic Oligomers

Modeling and Development of Thiol-Ene Photopolymerizations

Mono and Bis Substituted Polymeric Aminobenzoates as Amine Synergists for UV Curing

Multi-Criteria Decision Support for Integrated Technique Assessment

Nano-Primer Technology for UV Coating with Aerosol

Nano/Micro Particle Reinforced Polyacrylates for Flooring Applications

New Additive Chemistries for Improved Pigment Suspension Control in Non-Aqueous UV Cured High Performance Coatin

New Cross-Conjugated Photoinitiators

New Developments in UV Resins for Metal Coatings

New High Power LED Array and Results of Cure Test Using it

New Methods for Matting of 100% UV Coatings

New Polymeric Photoinitiators for Graphic Arts

New Quick Set 2K UV Laminating Adhesive Systems for Food Flexible Packaging

Novel Cationic Photoinitiator

Novel Routes to Urethane Acrylates

Novel Self-Initiating UV-Curable Resins

Novel Solutions for Open Challenges in Radcure Technology

Novel Waterborne UV Curing Acrylic Dispersions for High Performance Kitchen and Furniture Coatings

Optimizing Application Proporties for EB Curable Laminating Adhesives for Flexible Packaging

Photocopolymerization of Dodecyl Methacrylate with Oligo(ethyleñe glycol) Dimethacrylates

Photoinitiating Systems for Hybrid Sol-Gel Coatings: Toward Enhanced Materials for UV Curing Applications

Photopolymerizable Biopolymers for Rapid Prototypingof Cellular Bone Replacement Materials

Photopolymerization of Systems with Novel Vinyl Ester Monomers

Picosecond Pump-Probe Spectroscopy of the Photochemical a-Cleavage of Photoinitiators

Polymerization Kinetics and Characterization of Dual CUred Polyurethane-Acrylate Nanocomposites for Laminates

Present and Future Requirements on Furniture Coatings - an Enduser Perspective

Process Solutions for UV Curing of Coatings of Automotive Plastic Parts

Radical Ketosulfone Derived Photoinitiators: Cleavage Process and Polymerization Activity

Re-Workable UV Curing System

REACH - Exposure Scenarios (Categories versus UVITECH Data)

REACH - Impact and Workability Regarding the Production Chain

Reactivity and Network Structure of UV- and EB-Cured Bis-Phenol A Ethoxy Diacrylate

Recent Advances in the Development of EB Curable Flexography Inks

Safe Use of UV/EB Technology in the Coating and Printing Industry

Status of UV/EB in Europe

Storage Stable UV-Powder Coatings

Structural and Residual Stress Analysis of UV Curable Hypérbranched Acrylates

The Renaissance of Wet Application

The Renaissance of Wet Application2

Thiol-Enes: Fast Curing Systems with Exceptional Properties

Urethane Acrylates on Metal Substrates

Urethane-Acrylated Resins for UV-Curable Powder Coatings

Use of a New Photoinitiator in Graphic Arts

Utilizing Hyperbranched Structures in UV Curing Systems

UV Becomes 3-Dimensional

UV Curable Materials with Non-Polar Binders - Properties and Limitations

UV Curable Metal Coatings - Special Possibilities and Problems

UV Curing PU Dispersions in Industrial Furniture Coatings

UV Curing Systems for Automotive Refinish Applications

UV Dual Curing Powder Coatings

UV Light Sensitive (LS) Urethane Acrylate Oligomers

UV Meets Colour: A Numerical Simulation of the Through-Cure of Pigmented UV Coatings

UV Technology for the Textile Industry?

Viscosity Effect of the Photopolymerization Kinetics of Methacrylates

Water-borne UV Coatings: An Overview of Matting Agent Properties

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