EB Curing in the Packaging Industry - Oppertunities and Challenges

F.P. Hombach, 2005 Conference

Electron beam curable acrylic systems are under development as an alternative to conventional solvent based or solvent free adhesives and coatings in the packaging industry. Drivers for packaging converters like Alcan Packaging to consider EB curing as alternative to well known technologies are ecological and economical reasons. In this presentation the principle of an EB unit is explained and different EB techniques to apply the electron beam are shown. Several packaging applications show a potential to be replaced by EB curable versions. Possible applications like laminates, top coatings and printings are discussed. For each packaging type the opportunities and challenges using EB technology are discussed. Other challenges are mentioned on the road to reach the converters vision to produce a packaging laminate all in one step.

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Contents:  10 pages