Study the curing and mechanical properties of a pigmented UV curable epoxy acrylate system

Industry: Formulation
P. Kardar, M. Ebrahimi, S. Bastani, 2011 RTE Conference

In this research the effect of the presence of a micro tio2 pigment on the curing behavior and mechanical properties of a UV curable epoxy system was studied. The formulations contained different acrylate monomers with different structures and functionalities. The results showed that there were significant interactions between pigment, the type of reactive diluent and mechanical properties of the cured films. It was observed that the conversion of all the samples decreased in the presence of the pigment. The comparison of conversion's difference of these monomers revealed that there is dramatic difference between the conversions of blank and pigmented formulation but this difference was more considerable for the samples containing reactive monomers with low functionality. In addition, there was a remarkable difference between the elongation properties of blank and pigmented formulations for the samples containing reactive diluents with higher functionalities. The results showed that the cured films containing iboa had a very good flexibility and for increasing the hardness and tg of the samples the monomers with higher functionality such as DIPEPA and DPHA was needed.

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