Formulation of UV cationic polymerizable mixtures for inkjet printing

Industry: Formulation
Jan Vališ, Miroslav Tejkl, Bohumil Jašúrek, Anežka Rusňáková, 2011 RTE Conference

The main purpose of this work was to prepare samples of UV cationic polymerizable mixtures suitable for inkjet printing and evaluation of their physical and chemical properties. Samples consisted of four types of monomers, the photoinitiator and the stabilizer. Monomers 3,4-epoxycyclohexylmethyl-3´,4´-cyclohexanecarboxylate; 1,4-cyclohexandimethanol diglycidyl ether; bis{[1-ethyl(3-oxenil)]methyl} ether and 3-ethyl-3-[(2-ethylhexyloxy)methyl]oxetane were chosen. As photoinitiator and stabilizer iodonium(4-methylphenyl)[4-(2-methylpropyl)phenyl] hexafluorophosfate and triethanolamine were used. 

The simplex lattice experimental design contained overall 19 samples. Mixtures were tested in non-cured and cured state. In non-cured state the surface tension and flow behaviour were measured. Mechanical properties such as adhesion, surface hardness, extension, etc. were evaluated for cured samples. Printability of the samples was tested using Xaar XJ500/40 industrial inkjet printhead and studied properties were print stability and radiation energy needed for full curing of the formulations.

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