Radiometry, how to compare different light sources

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Pieke, 2011 RTE Conference

Nowadays, in the quality control of UV coatings usually broadband radiometers are applied to monitor lamp power. These meters will be calibrated to only one type of lamp and differ in their sensitivity. Thus, comparison between instruments from different manufacturers is not possible. If the spectrum of the lamp changes or if another light source like a UV LED is used these instruments may even deliver false results. In this presentation, the basic measuring errors will be displayed and different solutions will be shown about how to measure the "right" way in UV production lines. With the help of spectral radiometric measurement all UV sources can be measured. This is not only possible in the laboratory with very expensive equipment but also in a user-friendly way, right at the production facility. For this purpose, measuring instruments specially designed for the normal production environment will be displayed.

Costs:  € 10,00 
Contents:  7 pages