Oxygen Sensitive Electron Beam Dosimeters for Measuring Web Surface Inerting Efficiency

Stepehen C. Lapin, Ph.D, 2011 RTE Conference

Low energy (less than 300 kV) electron beam (EB) technology has been used for industrial applications for over 30 years. Well known applications include:

- Crosslinking of polyethylene based films for packaging applications

- Surface sterilization of food and medical packaging

- Crosslinking and curing of adhesives

- Curing of surface applied inks and coatings

Curing of inks and coatings is now one of the largest industrial uses for low energy EB technology. The use of EB inks and coatings is often driven by environmental, speed, and performance advantages over conventional solvent based inks and coatings. Packaging applications for EB inks and coatings are well known and include folding cartons, pouches, multi-wall bags, labels, and flexible packaging.

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