Advancements in UV LED technology and its impact on UV curing applications

P.K. Swain, D. Harbourne, D. Leonhardt, and R. Bao, Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV Inc, 2011 RTE Conference

Over the past few years, UV LED technology has emerged as a viable option for some UV curing applications. An LED-based UV curing system could offer substantial benefits due to its semiconductor-platform, such as, instant on-off, Hg free, longer life, lower cost of ownership, etc. However, proper combination of irradiance & wavelength remains as a key factor in achieving successful curing performance. While predictable progress has been made in output power, wavelength scaling, and chemistry compatibility, substantial gaps remain to capitalize full potential of UV LEDs. This paper will address the challenges of implementing a complete LEDbased curing system, including surface cure (traditionally requiring shorter wavelengths) and perceived trade-offs when using presently available (longer wavelength) LEDs. More innovative system design will be crucial before we will be able to take full advantage of LED technology.

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