UV-initiated Cationic Curing in Electro and Electronics Applications

Heiner Bayer, 2011 RTE Conference

UV-initiated cationic curing is a way to create useful materials for coatings, sealings and adhesives in diverse application areas. From the past three decades up to now several special development examples are presented from the field of electronics and electro technology.

For optimum results from reactive resin chemistry it is necessary to control incident light spectrum and get the useful part of it into the irradiated layer. Absorbed in appropriate timeframe and depth, it should induce photochemistry with high yield and initiate ground state chemistry for an efficient thermosetting reaction. Resins formulations are optimized in cure behavior but also in properties like hardness, thermal expansion, insulation or conductivity for electricity, light, sound or heat. For every special development one must assure reliable delivery, proper storage conditions, develop a stable application procedure, provide a suitable state of the art curing equipment and finally implement necessary control of process and final performance.

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