Possilbilities of Three-Dimensional Curing of UV-Curable Clear Coats in Car Body Finish from the Viewpoint of a Coating Equipment Supplier

Dr. –Ing. P. Sevda, 1999 Conference

After the clear coat paint evolution of the last years that had the major target to drastically reduce the solvent emissions (figure 1), the employment of UV curable paints for car body paint application is being discussed increasingly.
The employment of UV curable paints has numerous advantages, such as:
o improved product quality,
o increased productivity,
o environment friendliness,
o energy savings,
o suitability for heat-sensitive substrates.
These advantages are why UV curable paint systems have been used in different industrial sectors
for years. Relatively new is the employment of the UV curing in the field of car supplier industries.
Coatings on parts for vehicle inside equipment, on epoxy add-on pieces, on headlight diffuser screens and reflector cases are hardened here.

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