New Polyester Polyols for Energy Curable Ink Applications

Industry: Chemistry
Scott Yin, Michael E. O’Brien and Greg J. Gumina, 2011 RTE Conference

Pigment dispersion resins for energy curable inks require excellent properties for pigment wetting, pigment dispersability and high pigment loading. In this study, two new polyols were developed, acrylated and evaluated in energy curable ink applications. These polyols have low viscosity handling ease and biorenewable content. Pigment dispersions and inks were prepared and evaluated for surface tension, pigment wetting, curability and rheological properties. The dispersions and inks made from the new resins had better pigment dispersion characteristics, higher pigment loading and rheological properties compared to a standard commercial resin that is typically used in energy curable ink applications. The results of this investigation will be illustrated in this paper.

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