Low viscous water thinnable urethane acrylates

Industry: Chemistry
Dr. Michael Ludewig, Covestro Deutschland AG, 2011 RTE Conference

UV-curing polyurethane dispersions are well established waterborne resin raw materials. Although very versatile in many different applications they have to be synthesised and thus delivered in an excess of water reducing the degree of formulation freedom. In this paper alternative concepts of water-compatible resins are presented that starting from low viscous 100%-systems can be incorporated into water via a simple stirring process at ambient temperature.

Thus we developed UV-curing resins based on hydrophilic modified allophanates that can be directly emulsified into water leading to a stable emulsion and water thinnable grades that can be easily diluted by any amount of water to yield a clear solution. Typical application property deficiencies associated with highly water compatible binders were addressed and could be significantly reduced.

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Contents:  7 pages