UV/EB: The power to save


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 submitted technical abstracts outlining the latest research, current developments and innovations in the field of energy curing. 




Why attend the RTE Conference & Exhibition 2023?

This year's RTE Conference & Exhibition will again offer a top-notch programme with sublime technical prresentations from industry experts and academia, telling you all about new applications, innovations and trends. Below a list of what you can expect to get out of attending our next edition.

  • Learn about new advances in inks and graphic arts.
  • Get educated on developments in various applications such as Excimer lamps and tailoring material properties.
  • Get the most up-to-date information on the latest regulations and other HSE topics.
  • See how to enhance sustainability of radiation curing technology.
  • Find out about advances in 3D printing via UV curing and in UV formulations.
  • Get the latest developments in equipment for UV/EB/LED curing.
  • Attend dedicated end-user sessions.
  • Get introduced to the world of UV/EB radiation curing in our academy session.

The programme will contain presentations, various panel discussions, networking opportunities, and more! 

Feel free to get in contact with the RTE Secretariat in case you have any remaining questions.

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