RTE Advanced Development Competition

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With the creation of its RadTech Europe Awards for Advanced Development, RadTech Europe provides winners with a prestigious sales and marketing tool: a hallmark that signals to customers the winning company’s contribution to manufacturing excellence achieved through the use of UV and EB radiation curing technology.

Entries eligible for Awards must have been manufactured using UV or EB curable inks, coatings or adhesives and/or produced in any printing, manufacturing or construction application that uses radiation curing technology.

The Awards Competition targets all sectors of industry and will culminate in an awards ceremony during the RadTech Conference in Prague, Czech Republic. Here entrants will have the opportunity to see and hear about new developments in UV/EB curing technology.

Winner 2015: Polymer Competence Center for their entry Smart Photoswitchable Composite Materials for Self Healing and recycling Strategies

Winner 2013: VisioTechnic for their entry Numericoat®.

More information to be read in the RTE e-zine November 2013.

More information on the previous Advanced Development Awards 

Paul Dufour Award

The Paul Dufour Award, considered a UV/EB curing industry standard of excellence since it was first presented in 2003, is bestowed upon the most innovative of the papers presented at the biennial RTE Conference, which focuses on the impact of new materials and curing equipment on cutting edge and existing market applications. These papers, usually numbering well over a hundred, cover various aspects of UV/EB curing technology and coatings applications and are routinely of the highest scientific and technical standards. The following papers have been awarded with this price:

  • 2015: Leoben Polymer Competence Center, Sandra Schloegl, paper on Formation of 3D structures in offset printing techniques by UV induced foaming of inks
  • 2013: Socomore, Dr Nadia Moreau, paper on coatings for aeronautical and Direct-to-Metal (DTM) applications
  • 2011: Cytec, Guido Vanmeulder, paper on Field applied UV curable coatings for flooring
  • 2009: IOM Leibniz-institut für Oberflachenmodifizierung, Dr. Tom Scherzer, paper on continuous monitoring of process parameters in UV curing processes
  • 2007: Bayer MaterialScience AG, Jan Weikard, Erhard Luehmann, Stefan Sommer, paper on Waterborne UV Coatings for plastics

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