14 October 2011
Year: 1989
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By R. Stephen Davidson and Susan A Wilkinson - RadTech Conference 1989

It has been shown that e.b. curing of acrylates occurs via the attachment of slow electrons to the acrylate groups which subsequently give radical species leading to polymerisation. For epoxy oligomers to be cured by radiation it is advantageous if the formulation contains ionic photoinitiators eg. onium salts. 

Evidence is presented that slow electrons reduce such salts leading to the production of acid which catalyses polymerisation. By use of FTIR spectroscopy the rate of cure, and decomposition of the onium salt and its counterion could be followed. The rate of cure is closely related to the electron scavenging ability of the photoinitiator.

Author: R Stephen Davidson and Susan A Wilkinson | 10 pages

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