26 April 1991
Year: 1991
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When the title of this paper was first accepted forpresentation at
this Conference, it was stressed by the organisers that new "hard"
information was required and not a review of that which "we already
seem to know". The interesting word here is "seem", which itself
implies some doubt as to the extent and accuracy of existing knowledge
of the market for rad-cured systems in Europe.

It will be noted that the geographical coverage of the market discussed
in this paper is Europe per se, and hence it is to be hoped that at least
the inclusion of Eastern Europe will itself provide some new information —
albeit not necessarily as hard as would be liked. It is also worth
stressing at this point that the'European market comprises upwards of
25-different countries, making a comprehensive analysis somewhat
difficult. This applies particularly when comparisons are attempted
between such well—documented neat and tidy markets as those of the
USA and Japan.

It will be seen later that there are various discrepancies for even the
better known markets of Western Europe, while those of the East European
countries are, to say the least, somewhat confusing. An attempt
has been made to provide at least an initial indication of the
situation in these countries, with the estimates given being based
on extensive investigations in the field.


1991 Conference The Growth Of The Market For Rad-Cured Coatings In Europe to 2000
Author: Dr J. Howard | 10 pages

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