1 May 1991
Year: 1991
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Due to further development in the past years the system today
has attained a high—level of industrial reliability. It is
distinguished especially by low set-up times following initial
installation and servicing. Its uncomplicated construction
combined with a self-monitoring micro—processor control enable
operator to quickly and economically replace the cathode
and electron-beam exit window without the assistance of the
producer. Replacing wearing parts (including vacuum pumping)
and readjusting an accelerator requires in total less than one hour.

The vacuum tank simultaneously serves as the accelerator
housing. This greatly simplifies construction.

A classic triode system is used for generating and forming a
beam. A tungsten heating cathode, Wehnelt cylinder and an anode —
with focusing lense and electron—beam deflection system - to-
gether form one unit (fig. 2).

1991 Conference Latest Investigations Into Applications Of Low-Voltage Electron-Beam Accelerators In The Board And Pressure Sens
Author: Dr P. Holl and E. Foll | 21 pages

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