13 October 2013
Year: 2013
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The use of energy curing technology in graphic arts is still marginal, even if it has all the
characteristics to become a very important technique mainly for high printing speed, increasing quality, reduced VOC release. In order to develop these characteristics and to satisfy unmet needs, a continuous improvement of the components of the formulations is required. Photoinitiators are key components for the success of a formulation and Lamberti photocuring development team are always working to enreach best performance with their photoinitiators.

In last year's Lamberti developed a new high performing photoinitiator: LFC 2006. It is a difunctional alpha-OH ketone suitable both for clear coatings and pigmented systems. This is a completely innovative characteristic for an alpha-OH ketone and it is due to the UV absorption spectrum that is shifted to longer wavelength (in comparison with other common alpha-OH ketones). LFC 2006 is a powder, easy handling photoinitiator; it is soluble and stable in most common acrylates and shows low migration and extraction values in combination with high performance. Due to its characteristics LFC 2006 can be used in many different fields of application. Versatility is a peculiar characteristic of LFC 2006: it can be used in clear coatings substituting most common alpha-OH ketones photoinitiators and benzophenone derivatives and in pigmented systems has performance comparable to those shown by the common aminoketones.
2013 Conference Innovative photoinitiator for clear and pigmented systems
Author: B. Fenzi | 12 pages

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