26 April 1991
Year: 1991
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The photoinduced polymerization or crosslinking of vinyl and
epoxide based monomers have gained importance in recent years
due to the many possible applications of these processes Such
applications include microelectronics /1/, surface improvement
/2/, information recording materials /3/ and printing plates /4/.

In many cases the polymer forming reactions are carried out in
polymeric binders. The presence of such binders is necessary for
some of the mentioned applications, because the uncured photo—
polymers must give clear transparent films in the solid state.
Furthermore, the required physical, chemical and mechanical
properties of the cured photopolymers can be achieved sometimes
only by the useage of polymers in the initial systems Also, the
costs for the photopolymer systems are depressed.

But rather less data are available on the fundamental aspects of
the polymerization reactions, which occur in the polymeric binders.
The aim of our work was to study both some physical properties
of the uncured photopolymers and the kinetics of photoinduced
polymerization reactions in polymeric binders Thus,
we hoped to find out certain correlations between physical parameters
and kinetic data of the systems investigated.

All studies were carried out in thin layers (approx. 50 um),
which allows favorable conditions for the photoinduced
initiation of polymerization and crosslinking. Further, it was
also possible to use fluorescence probes for the characterization
of the polymeric systems.

1991 Conference Crosslinking Reactions Of Multifunctionalmonomers Polymeric Binders
Author: Prof H-J. Timpe, Dr H. Rautschek, Dr. B. Strehmel and D. Anwand | 15 pages

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