1 May 1991
Year: 1991
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Highly functional aromatic acid methacrylate 'oligomers contain
8 - l0 methacrylate and 8 - l0 carboxylic acid groups. The
methacrylate's high functionality and reactivity suits radiation
cure. Carboxylic acid groups provide unique solvent and acid
resistance, while promoting caustic solubility. The aromatic
nature of the oligomer improves a film's hardness and toughness.
Formulations, incorporating aromatic acid methacrylates yield
crystal clear films when exposed repeatedly to UV light.
Blended in, acrylate monomers, these properties balance
formulating specifications.

1991 Conference Aromatic Acid: Methacrylates In Radiation Cure
Author: S.L. Hammond | 9 pages

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