2 May 1991
Year: 1991
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Two years ago. we set up a study[1] in an attempt. to correlate polymerization
shrinkage with adhesion on non-porous substrates. The work was carried out on
ABS and steel. Establishing a correlation between either shrinkage or surface
tension and adhesion seemed to be a very difficult thing, based on the limited data
we had at the time. Let us remind you, though, of one of the most remarkable.
results of this study : the excellent adhesion of SR368, THEIC triacrylate to ABS.

This year, the study has been enlarged to two additional plastics : polycarbonate
and polyethylene. Again, we tried to find a correlation between adhesion,
shrinkage, concentration of acrylate double bonds, viscosity and contact angles.
Despite the complexity of the subject, we have seen some very interesting trends
that are brought up in the present paper.

1991 Conference Adhesion Optimisation Through Oligomer/Honomer-Belection
Author: R.C.W. Zwanenburg | 23 pages

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