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Flexible, biocompatible Photopolymers as Synthetic Vascular Replacement Materials
Coronary heart disease (CHD) is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the western hemisphere ans is caused by partial or total occlusion of a coronary artery. The treatment of this disease is typically an aorto-coronary bypass operation. It is evident that in the last decade, the number of aorto-coronary bypass operation.
2-tert-Bertylacrylonitrile, a Non-Polymerizable Monomer for the Investigation of Initiation Mechanism
Radiation curing is a welt established and highly efficient method for crosslinking of coatings, printing inks 1 The photoinitiator , the key component in such systems is responsible for lightabsorption and generation of reactive species like radicals and/or cations. The photochemicalgeneration of radicals can be divided in four major groups:1. Pho
The "Sevilla Process": A Driver for Environmental Performance in Industry
 The aim of this paper is to inform you about the information exchange process on the best available techniques (BAT) on surface treatment using organic solvents, and in particular on the application of UV/EB-curing products. This information exchange process, that is coordinated at the European IPPC Bureau located in Seville is, and has been
Radiation Curing Paints: A New Concept for Professional Painters
Enhanced drying of paints for professional painters is needed to reduce maintenance costs in buildings and improve competitiveness. High labour costs, the influence of climatic conditions on painting and on paint performance and future legislation on solvents make innovations necessary to ensure the survival and profitability of professional painte
O-Acyloxime Photobased: Photochemical Properties, Triplet Sensitization and Efficiency of Base Formation
The influence of the molecular structure ana the required conditions for triplet state bond breaking of carefully selected 0-acyloximes usable as photobase generators are deeply investigated. A clear non vertical character in triplet-triplet energy transfer was found in compounds exhibiting a flexible aryl- CN-O- moiety. This effect strongly affect
Influence of Crosslinking Density of Radiation Curable Coatings on Scratch Resistance, Hardness and Flexibility
Radiation curable coatings based on urethane acrylates offer a broad spectrum of performance providing a range from highly elastic to very hard coatings with high toughness and abrasionresistance. Furthermore, aliphatic urethane acrylates show good weather resistance. However, theapplication of urethane acrylates is limited due to relatively high v
High-Output, Efficient, Economical - Innovative UV Unit Technologies
The core value of UV curing is that it enables users to do things that otherwise would be impossible or not as economical or efficient. UV curing is a photo-chemical process. Under the action of UV light, the binder of the ink, varnish, adhesive etc. will harden in a fraction of a second to form a dried and solid film, comparable to a plastic film.
UV Powder Coating on MDF, a Consolidating Technology
The powder coating on MDF was introduced into the market several years ago, at the beginning thermo-setting powders and, in the following years, UV powders were used. The installation of the first industrial plants for UV powder coating on MDF dates back to approximately three years ago; however, only few of them can be considered as fully operatio