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Conference package: RTE Conference 2011
This package contains all the presentations that were given at the RTE Conference 2009, held from 18 - 20 October 2011 in Basel, Switzerland.The theme of this conference was UV/EB – Green Technology for Innovation!
Seminar Package; RTE Metal Coatings Seminar 2011
This package contains all the presentations that were given at the RTE Metal Coatings Seminar 2011, held at OCAS N.V. in Belgium. While UV & EB technology is already used in a wide variety and increasing number of industrial segments, RadTech-Europe envisions UV/EB technology to gain a still broader acceptance throughout the European Industry.
Improving the value of steel through UV curable coatings
UV coatings on metal:Pilot / industrial trials: Industrial trials on coil-coating lineMetallic substrates and surface preparation: Surface chemistry and wettability vs Roughness and degreasing of galvanized steel & Corrosion resistance vs cleaning of hot rolled steel pipesFormulation and UV curing: High Throughput Exper
Gloss Control Method Using Lamination Film
An outline of the advantages of EB curing compared to conventional coil coating lines and new low energy EB equipment which has been engineered specifically for coil coating applications. An EB pilot line testing was used to demonstrate the feasibility of the technology.
Pipe protection with UV cured coatings
An outline of the progress of pipe protection with UV cured coatings - STEEL TUBE SPRAY COATING WITH KNOW-HOW
UV Curing coating technology for Daimler truck axles
Content:1. Introduction of Daimler Trucks2. Planning new coating-processes3. UV-Curing Coating-systems for planetary axles paint-shop in Gaggenau Plant4. Quality-requirements and processes to release5. Specifics of release-procedure to implement innovative coatings6. Outlook
UV lamp systems - Meeting the challenges for metal coating applications
Content:Who are Fusion and what do we do?Microwave powered UV lampsDrivers for UV curing in metal coatingsChallenges for coil coatingsLamp characteristics and their influence on the cross-linking process in metal coatingsOptimising the UV curing processWhat makes a successful UV curing production process in metal coatings?Summary
UV Trends in metal decorating for flat and 3D substrates
Content:UV markets and applicationsUV Metal Decorating/CoatingInstallations in metal decorating lines – past and todayUV RetrofitAdvantages and limitations in UVRequirements in UV curing equipment and TrendsFirst experiences in 3D substratesProspect