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Conference package: RTE Conference 2009
This package contains all the presentations that were given at the RTE Conference 2009, held from 14 - 15 October 2009 in Nice, France.The theme of this conference was UV/EB – Sustainable Technology!
Water-borne UV coatings for exterior wood application
Radiation-curable, water-borne polyurethane dispersions combine the best properties from various welldeveloped coating techniques. For example, the radiation curing of water-borne UV coatings takes seconds and is of similar efficiency to that of solvent-borne or 100% UV coatings. It is generally not necessary to use expensive solvents or irritating
UV-Curable gel-polymer electrolytes for Li-ion battery applications
The development of advanced materials for energy storage and conversion has been receiving wide attention to meet the rising demand for clean energy technologies. In particular, a large effort is being devoted towards the improvement of specific properties of electrochemical devices such as rechargeable lithium-based batteries, in view of their pos
UV Assisted spraying: the flexible approach to UV curing
Several years ago AkzoNobel Car Refinishes presented a novel UV-A curing high solids clear coating, based on a modified 2K technology and a photolatent base catalyst [1]. This unique coating allows curing in only 6 minutes with UV-A light at room temperature (compared to 30 minutes at 60 ºC for conventional 2K PUR coatings). One of the unique prope
Tackling the drawbacks of waterbased UV-Systems
The use of aqueous dispersions for radiation-curing coatings has increased within the last 20 years. A technology that began with aqueous emulsions based on unsaturated polyesters, polyester or epoxy acrylates, has advanced with new, physically drying and weather resistant, radiation-curable polyurethane dispersion systems. Compared to radiation cu
Selfinitiating Monomers based on Acrylamides
Photopolymerization presents a key technique to prepare coatings and films in a time and cost effective, as well as environmentally friendly way. Formulations, that find application here, often contain multifunctional acrylates due to their high reactivity. The most important role in a given formulation plays the photoinitiator (PI), being responsi
Risk Assessment of Large Format Printing machines (LFP)
The Professional Association Printing and Paper Converting is the statutory German accident insurer and as such they take their own best interest in machine safety. Regular inspections which they carry out on customer sites as part of their prevention mandate revealed that especially on Large Format Printing machines (LFP) safety does not keep up w
Relating Tensile Properties of Improved UV Cure Heat Resistant Coatings and Thermogravimetric Data
Heat resistant UV cure coatings for optical fibers and other applications are desirable for many uses; monitoring well drilling, under-hood automotive cable applications, and others [1,2]. In prior papers and reports, the authors have shown the formulation of improved UV cure heat resistant coatings, and they have determined comparative sets of the