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Conference package: RTE Conference 2007
This package contains all the presentations that were given at the RTE Conference 2007, held from 13 - 15 November 2007 in Vienna, Austria.The theme of this conference was UB/EB - The Natural Choice
Water Soluble Bisacylphosphine Oxides for the Photopolymerisation of Acidic Aqueous Dental Formulations
For dental restorative applications adhesives based on polymerizable acidic monomers are used that from a hybrid layer which is able to achieve strong bonds between the dentin and the composite filling material.
UV-Curable Polyurethane Dispersions
The developments of  polyurethane dispersions and radiation curing techniques come together in UV-curable  polyurathanedispersions.
UV-Curable PFPE (Meth)acrylates: A New Class of UV-Curable Resins
The use of fluorinated monomers and oligomers for coatings is very attractive, due to the peculiar characteristics given by fluorine, such as water/oil repellency, chemical stability, weathering resistance, release properties, a low coefficient of friction, and a low refractive index.
UV-Curable Electrically Conductive Flexo Ink
Contactless smartcards and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) labels are devices that are capable of uniquely identifying an individual or object when the devices ar queried by an external radio frequency wave
UV technology for the Coil Coating Industry
Radiation curing is well known as a reliable and safe technology for many years in aplications in the wood industry, the printing industry and the automotive industry for instance.
UV Pigmented Wood Finishes Based on Waterborne Acrylic Dispersions
In this paper an evaluation of the application performance in pigmented finishes for wood of several UV curable acrylic dispersions is presented.
UV-LEDs - Survey of a New Emerging Technology
The well known and established UV technology had advantages like instantananeously curing, immediate processing, energy efficiency and nowadays nearly no limitations of substrates.