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UV For Autopmotive Windshields And Ceramics Decoration
Over the past severaldecades, screen printing has left an indeliblemark on the automotive industry.Appreciated for its simplicity, its abilityto print a wide variety of materials, andits economy, the process has been usedto image automotive components rangingfrom membrane-switch climate controlsto dashboard instrumentation. Andif you've ever looked
New Developments In Electron Beam Curing At Aerospatiale
In 1979, Aerospatiale Espace et Defense got interested in alternate curing methodsto thermal polymerization, to reduce the production cycles, the energy consumption forcuring and ultimately the costs of composite structures. In 1992, Unipolis, Aerospatialeindustrial electron or X -ray curing unit started operating, fulfillment of 14 years orintensi
Low Gloss UV-Curable Protective Coatings
Photocurable resins are commonly used as protective coatings to improve the surfaceproperties of a large variety of materials, and in particular in floor covering applications 1•The main advantages of this solvent-free technology is the rapidity of the curing 'which allows one to operate the production line at relatively high speed (up to 20 m miir
UV Light as the Energy Source for Drying and Curing
UV Curing as a technology for coating, decorating, and bonding carries all of thecorrect messages for today's world of industrial processing. As an environmentally "green"technology, it has the potential of replacing solvent-based systems. As an economicaltechnology, it has the potential of replacing heat-based systems. UV represents lowerhazards,
Overview of the Japanese and Asian Radcure Markets and their Considerations
It is not my intention to provide you only the basic information on the JapaneseRadcure market, but I also would like to give you an overview of how AsianRadcure Business is observed by foreigners and how the Asians are looking forthe future.
Migration From Uv-Hardened Lacquers And Coatings
For many technical applications it is sufficient that layers of lacquer are hardenedenough to be no longer sticky, inert towards physical or chemical attacks and thatthey can be processed without delay.When using the individual components, the processor of lacquers pays more attentionto the systems drying fast enough or that the lacquer's shine and
UV Curing Properties of Polyalkyleneglycol modified Amine Synergists and Ketonic Photoinitiators with Acrylate S
The presence of Type I and Type II initiators and their degradation products in cured filmscan have a deleterious effect e.g. they can cause blooming thereby destroying the finish ofthe fllm.(l) In some cases the low molecular weight degradation products are odorous andconsequently impart an unacceptable smell to the finished product (2). The prese
Recent Developments And Applications Of Uv/Eb Curable Silicone Acrylates
The history of radiation curing technology and products for release coating is wellknown to all of you. Therefore, today we will concentrate on new ideas and firstresults coming from the laboratories of the Th. Goldschmidt Company, who standsas a pioneer for the chemistry of UV and EB curable silicone acrylates.The main intention of this presentati