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UV-Curing Coatings For Textiles: Coatings With A Future
The properties and characteristics of a textile substrate can be changed by the applicationof a polymeric layer or coating [1,2]. Coatings are applied to give textiles a more aestheticoutlook or to obtain a product with a better perfomance, e.g. watertightness or a higherwear resistance.Coatings used in the textile industry consist usually of plast
The UV Curing PROCESS WINDOW; Practical Relationships Between UV Lamps and Material Properties
The UV curing process, as with any production process, has limits of the rangein which it will work properly. Within these limits, the process will achievedesired results. This range can be called the PROCESS WINDOW.The parameters which define the window are entirely dependent on the processinvolved. Cure, for example, is the object of the UV curin
Uv-Curable PSA’s For Industrial Applications
Since the introduction of thermoplastic rubbers in the '70s, pressure sensitivehotmelts based on these raw materials have managed to gain an increasing marketshare. With increased environmental pressures applied to converters, replacementof solvent born systems is becoming increasingly important. Consequently a lot ofconverters have started using h
Abrasion Resistance Comparison of Formulations and Test Methods
The use of floor covering materials in houses, buildings ... is so common now, thatthere is a wide variety of these products on the market. There is not only a broadchoice in the type of substrate but also in the type of finishing. To choose one ofthese products, one must know for how long it will resist the service conditions,without losing its de
Electron Beam Curing Of Methacrylated Gelatin: Analytical Characterization And Properties
Gelatin consists of a mixture of water-soluble proteins ranging from about 10000 to several100000 Dalton. It is obtained from its naturally occurring parent protein, collagen, by chemicaland thermal hydrolysis. Aqueous gelatin solutions are well-known for their capability of formingelastic gels. Due to its nontoxic nature, gelatin is widely used in
UV-Curing In Package Printing
From its inception and early development, UV curing in the packaging industryhas grown rapidly in the last decade. The early days of this technology wererestricted by the lack of quality equipment, products and knowledge which couldonly be gained by research and development over many years. UV curing wasonce a technology used mainly by the larger s
Matting of UV Curable Formulations with Polyamide Powders
Radiation curable coatings are significantly more difficult to mat than liquid coatings. In conventional liquidcoatings, solventborne or waterborne, considerable film shrinkage occurs during drying and curing, through the loss of volatiles. A 40 to 80 % volume reduction usually takes place, when the film shrinks to its dry solid form. When low glos
Latest Machine Development In Solvent-Free Coating And Radiation Curing
During the past 2 years Polytype has built half a dozen coaters with radiation curingand for high production speeds.This paper deals with sime of these installations and their subassemblies.