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A New Series of EB Dryers for Offset Printing
1. INTRODUCTIONWeb-offset printing has shown strong growth in recent years because itimproves the competitive positions of both folding-carton and flexible-packagingconverters. For the carton printer, instead of four separate, low-speed operationsfrom roll to finished carton (sheeting, printing, die-cutting and stripping), theyare choosing higher s
Comparison of the Lithographic Ink Properties of Various Types of Acrylated Binders
Raw materials'for lithographic offset printing must meet, apartfrom viscosity and rheology,a number of requirémeñts related tothe printing process. The process is based on a chemicaldifference between image and non image areas (in contrast toprinting 'systems with a physical 'relief differentiation). Toobtain an the lithographic ink is in competiti
Novel Urethane-Acrylates For Optical Fibre Coatings With Improved Performance
IntroductionLightwave data transfer based on fibre optics is an almost mature technology, which enabled an increasing effiency of telecommunicationwithin last decade. As thetechnology grows in use so does the demandfor reliability and economical fibre productionContrary to LAN's and related applications — where fibres are embeddedin a polymer matri
Recent Trends In Polymer Systems For Photoresist Applications
1.Introduction.Photosensitive polymer coatings for imaging applications haveachieved a high levelof performance at the end of this century.Since their introduction in 1957 as relief printing plate anda few years later,in other important fields of the graphicarts,their market share has been characterized bya constantgrowth rate.Simultaneously photor
Radiation Cured Adhesives
 INTRODUCTION AND GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS In the process of joining two parts by means of anadhesive, theadhesive must at one, tirne'exist in the liquid state between the twosurfaces in order to properly wet them. Subsequently, the adhesive'mustbe solidified to impart strength to the bond. This can be donein many different ways:In solvent