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Two Spin Probes Method for the Investigation of Intermediate Radical Species and their Molecular Dynamics
IntroductionInvestigations of intermediate paramagnetic products ofphotochemical reactions helps one to understand mechanism ofsuch reactions. These intermediate species, are as a rulesufficiently stable at low temperatures and it is easy to detectthem by EPR spectroscopy. Information concerning the structure ofthe radicals can be obtained using th
Ultrasonically Assisted Emulsion And Suspension Polymerisation
INTRODUCTION(a) PolvmensationEmulsion polymerisation is one of the fundamental methods whereby homo and copolymerscan be prepared. [1]. Its particular value is that the polymers are produced as small particleshaving a narrow molecular weight range. By way of contrast suspension polymerisatiónproduces particles usually of large size with the molecul
Diaryliodonium Salts Ascationic Initiators For Coatings Under EB Irradiation
1. IntroductionRecently there has been a growing interest in radiation curing of coatingsMost'progress has been made in the-field of radical polymerization and network'formation of acrylic systems by UV-light Since Crivello and 1 reported thepossibility of cationic polymerization by UV-light in 1977, cationicallycurablesystems have developed:th'éin
Mechanisms of Photolysis of Iron-Arene Cationic Photoinitiators In Different Solvents
IntroductionPolymerization mechanism of epoxy resins photoinitiated by ironarenecationic-initiators has been proposed by Meier and Zweifel(ref.l).Photolysis of the iron arene-salts in the presenceof monodentate ligands, leads to new complexes of the type3 (ref.2),whereas in pure aprotic solvents, ferrocene and iron salts are' formed (ref.3 and
Novelty Radiation Curable Silicone Acrylates With Extraordinary Features
Conventional silicone release coatings have been, to date,thermally cured. The performance. and production techniquesassociated with thermal curing are well known ' and welladvanced into high speed production. There are, however, somedisadvantages associated with thermal curing and this is thearea we wish to address with our radiation curable silic
Enhanced Uv Curing Of Heavily Pigmented Coatings For The Wood Industry Through Increased Peak Irradiance And Carrefull Wavelength Selection
INTRODUCTIONThis paper will describe the equipment and process currently used and how a relatively new and extremely versatile and compact high irradiance light source can totally eliminate the low intensity light tunnel and significantly reduce operating costs.
Recent Developments In European Community Chemicals Legislation
INTRODUCFIONThis paper reviews some recent developments in EEC chemicals control legislation governingdangerous chemicals, dangerous preparations, and food contact' 'materials.' After briefly'reviewing the content of the legislation, it will attempt to highlight changes from previouslegislation, cost implications for industry; and anomalies or grey
Melamine Acrylates In Radcure Formulations
However, asearch of the patent literature shows (ref. 3) that many-attempts have been madeto develop melamine acrylates and perusal. of product data sheets from the 1970's and early 1980's reveals that several products had been introduced to the market (ref. 4) . However( to the best of our.knowledge, noneof these products has survived to this day.