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Acrylate Monomers And Radiation Curing In Europe 1990
IntroductionRadiation Curing Technology is a fast growing part of thechemical industry. In recent years we have seen a strongimprovement of technology and development of new chemicalcomponents for radiation curing formulations:Acrylate Monomers form an essential part of most radiationcurable formulations. This paper gives you an overview of themark
Recent Advances In Laser-Induced Curing
INTRODUCTIONLasers are being increasingly used in polymer science due to the distinctadvantages of these powerful sources of radiations. The spatial coherence of thelaser emission provides a great directivity, which permits one to focus the laser beamdown to a submicronic spot. The temporal coherence of the laser emission, whichoccurs at a well-def
Trifunctional Acrylate Backbone Structure Physical Properties
IntroductionTrimenthylol propane triacrylate (SR-351) has been the majormultifunctional acrylate monomer used in ultraviolet light curedcoatings and adhesives since the late 1950's. Multifunctionalacrylates are used to lower viscosity, increase rate of cure,provide solvent resistance, and impact resistance in a wide varietyof coatings.Trimethylol p
Study Of Hybrid Curing Behavior Of Radiation Curing Systems
INTRODUCTIONRecently in the paint and printing ink fields resins which cureby exposure to high energy radiation are becoming more widelyused.These resin systems have many advantages such as fast curing,fine patterning due to easy masking; improved dimensional stabilitydue to low temperature curing; they contain no solvents thuseliminating environme
The Growth Of The Market For Rad-Cured Coatings In Europe to 2000
IntroductionWhen the title of this paper was first accepted forpresentation atthis Conference, it was stressed by the organisers that new "hard"information was required and not a review of that which "we alreadyseem to know". The interesting word here is "seem", which itselfimplies some doubt as to the extent and accuracy of existing knowledgeof th
Pigmented UV Cured Coatings In Textile Applications
IntroductionTextiles'may need to be coated for a number of reasons, such as ensuringwatertightness or windtightness (1]. Sometimes, it is necessary to improvechemical and wear resistanthe or to enhance'the decorative qualities ofcloth. Textiles are also used in applications where the coating is primarilyresponsible for the functional properties of
Cationic Radiation Cured Coatings: Physico-Chemical Properties Related To Formulation And Irradiation
INTRODUCTIONWithin the radiation curing industry,' photopolymerization of organic coatings induced by cationicinitiation has acquired real commeicial interest and stimulated many investigations in variousapplication fields. This is particularly due to the distinct of cationic UV-curing over theother techniques of radiation curing.As a consequenceof
Electron Beam Solid-State Polymerization Of Liquid-Crystalline Acrylate Monomers And Their Mixtures
IntroductionRadiation curable resins often consist of oligomer and/ortheir mixtures with monomer having acrylic double bond.1Investigations and developments for functional oligomers andmonomers having such properties as low viscosity, highreactivity, low toxicity, and low irritation, were important.In our previous paper, it was reported that a liqu