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Report About Experiences Gained By The World-Wide Use Of Ist-Uv Techniques
Europe, Ladies and Gentlemen, is - from the point of view ofthe radiation curing procedure - the hub of the universe andwe see this in the use of binding agents, stabiliers andinitaiators. With 25%, England has the highest consumption of radiation curing materials, followed byGermany with 20%France with 16%Italy with 12% According to IAL
Latest Investigations Into Applications Of Low-Voltage Electron-Beam Accelerators In The Board And Pressure Senstive Adhesive-Tape Industry
Due to further development in the past years the system today has attained a high—level of industrial reliability. It is distinguished especially by low set-up times following initialinstallation and servicing. Its uncomplicated constructioncombined with a self-monitoring micro—processor control enable operator to quickly and economically replace t
Matched Uv Radiometers Eliminate Reading Disagreements
IntroductionIntegrating UV radiometers are particularly widely used in process control. Figure 1Ashows a typical high power integrating UY radiometer passing through a conveyerizedUV cunng system. Figure lB shows the energy display on the radiometer.Measurement disagreement between individual instruments on the same process haslimited use of the ra
A Computer Model And Experimental Study Of Laser Photopolymerisation: Application To Stereolithography
IntroductionStereolithography is an established technique in the new and expanding field ofrapid prototyping. In this process an ultraviolet laser, driven by a 3D-CAD system, isused to form a solid object by photopolymerizing an acrylate resin. The object isconstructed as a series of layers placed one upon another. The laser, which is focused atthe
Crosslinking Reactions Of Multifunctionalmonomers Polymeric Binders
IntroductionThe photoinduced polymerization or crosslinking of vinyl andepoxide based monomers have gained importance in recent yearsdue to the many possible applications of these processes Suchapplications include microelectronics /1/, surface improvement/2/, information recording materials /3/ and printing plates /4/.In many cases the polymer for
Uv Curing - The Ideal Solution
INTRODUCTIONModern production facilities are increasingly characterised byprocess economics, air. pollution . control and enhancedperformance. In.recent years U.V. light curing adhesives havedeveloped significantly increased awareness and acceptance. Thisis due toseveral important advantages overconventional adhesivesystems.
Parameters Affecting Extractables Cationic Uv-Cured Coatings In Cardboard Application
Cationic UV-curabl e clear coatings based on epoxy formul ati ons used forexample as overprint varnishes have been commercially available for several.years. These coatings have received acceptance mainly because of theirodourlessness which makes them ideally suited for applicationswhere odour would otherwise present a major drawback. These applicat
Comparison Of Two Types Of Electron Beam Shape Analysers
INTRODUCTIONThe development of radiation processing using electron accelerators requires goodcontrol of the treatment parameters which improves the dosimetry quality. The analysis of theshape of the scanned electron beam is of prime necessity. A Multiwire Beam Shape Analyser(MBSA) has been developed by AERIAL (Association d'Etudes et de Recherches