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Chemistry and reactivity of photoinitiators: scope and expectations
By Jean-Pierre Fouassier - Labatoire de Photochimie GénéraleRadTech Europe Conference 1989Radiation curing is, nowadays, a well-established technology which develops and grows rapidly on an industrial scale. Originally, the most emergent applications were related to the UV-curing of coatings. Reprography (printing plates, integrated
Cationic UV Curable Coatings: Aspects of Consumer Safety in Food Packaging
By Helmut G. Gaube, Juergen Ohlemacher - Degussa AGRadTech Conference 1989Exterior clear coatings based on cationically UV cured epoxy formulations offer product advantages over UV acrylate systems in food packaging applications including low residual odor. This paper presents analytical results from migration and extraction tests fo
Coating performances and formulation parameters of cationic systems
By P.J. -M. Manus, Union Carbide Europe S.A. - RadTech Europe Conference 1989Cationic UV initiated polymerization is now a well established technology in the radiation curing market. Distinctive properties of cationic UV initiated polymerization include rapid cure response, absence of oxygen inhibition, post cure effect and high
Influence of irradiation conditions on the properties of UV cured films
By Aldo Priola, Giuseppe Gozzelino, Universita di Messina, Politecnico di Torino - RadTech Europe Conference 1989In this work the influence of irradiation and curing conditions on some properties of UV cured films was investigated. As starting materials two types of acrylic products, namely bisphenol-A-dihydroxyethyl-diacrylate and b
A novel photoinitiator for modern technology
By L. Misev, V. Desobry, K. Dietliker, R. Hüsler, M. Rembold, G. Rist and W. Rutsch, CIBA-GEIGY Ltd. - RadTech Europe Conference 1989A new a-cleavage photoinitiator is presented. This initiator is especially useful in pigmented systems and in various applications of the imaging area due to its absorption characteristics in the r
Photoimageable Liquid Solder Masks with High Resolution Properties
By H. Ahne, W. Plundrich, 1. Zapf, Siemens AG - RadTech Europe Conference 1989Details of newly developed photo-patternable solder masks based on polyether resins with photo-crosslinkable side groups are reported.The synthesis of the basic photopolymers follows a chlorine-free route by addition of olefinically unsaturated isocyanates
How the United States market is gearing up for the 1990's
By Alice H. Pincus, Pincus Associates - RadTech Europe Conference 1989The use of UV and EB technology for curing coatings and inks has been commercial in the US for about 20 years now and has grown steadily, although slower than anticipated, during that time.However, radiation cured coatings, inks and adhesives still make up a very s
New multifunctional acrylate with extremely low skin irritation
By Joerg J. Wildi, Hans Rahn & Co - RadTech Europe Conference 1989Multifunctional acrylates have become important building blocks in radiation curable formulations. In- and tetra-acrylates of the first generation, such as TMPTA and PETA, in spite of being excellent products, have been increasingly replaced due to their high skin