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First automatic plant in the world that paints three-dimensional items with UV-curing powder coatings & UV-curable Powder Coatings to be applied on metal
Powder coating (and the relevant commercial advantages) has been used for more than 50 years with great economic and ecological improvements. Its application technology has continuously developed, reaching a level that nowadays allows obtaining colour changes – therefore, internally cleaning the booth – in only 90 seconds.&
Effects of Key Variables on Retortability, Flexibility and Other Physical Properties of Uv-Curable Cationic Epoxide Coatings. II
Coatings for metal packaging must maintain adhesion and not crack while the metal is bent andstretched during can formation. Food can coatings must withstand retort processing which occurs after filling (1) and most beer can coatings must withstand pasteurization. UV-curable cationic coatings containing cycloaliphatic epoxide resins are used in rig
UV-Curing Coatings For Textiles: Coatings With A Future
The properties and characteristics of a textile substrate can be changed by the applicationof a polymeric layer or coating [1,2]. Coatings are applied to give textiles a more aestheticoutlook or to obtain a product with a better perfomance, e.g. watertightness or a higherwear resistance.Coatings used in the textile industry consist usually of plast
Latest Machine Development In Solvent-Free Coating And Radiation Curing
During the past 2 years Polytype has built half a dozen coaters with radiation curingand for high production speeds.This paper deals with sime of these installations and their subassemblies.
UV-Curing Kinetics of White Pigmented Coatings
Acylphosphineoxides are well known and commercially accepted for their uniquecuring performance in white pigmented coatings. About ten years ago, 2,4,6-(trimethylbenzoyl)diphenylphosphineoxide (TPO)' was introduced as a first representativeof the mono-acylphosphineoxides. In the late 80's research work was focusedon the improvement of the photoinit
Drying Of Organic Coatings by Infrared Radiation of Different Wavelengths
Beside the environmental aspects, the use of infrared radiation for waterbasedpaints meets the requirement of reducing the time and energy needed for the dryingprocedure. Thereby is expected a high efficiency of converting electrical energy intoradiation energy. Only the surface region should be heated to the requiredtemperature and the bulk should
Pigmented UV Cured Coatings In Textile Applications
IntroductionTextiles'may need to be coated for a number of reasons, such as ensuringwatertightness or windtightness (1]. Sometimes, it is necessary to improvechemical and wear resistanthe or to enhance'the decorative qualities ofcloth. Textiles are also used in applications where the coating is primarilyresponsible for the functional properties of