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Waterborne UV Pud's, eco-friendly systems for clear and pigmented coatings
UV technology has been used in wood coatings since the late seventies. Until now all of theseapplications have been based on 100% UV curable products, formulated mainly for roller coaterapplication, so it was only possible to coat flat panels. After many developments, UV technology now offers a broad range of 100% UV curable resins and reactive dil
Fully Scratch Resistant UV-Coatings Achieved by Nano-Particles, High Functional Acrylates and different Curing Conditions
During resent years the improvement of scratch resistance of UV is an actual topic. High quality parquet coatings but also automative topcoats should be scratch resistant even under heavy strains.
A Cost Efficient, Global Solution for Flexographic UV Printing
In a first part, this paper analyses technical and economical advantages and drawbacks of standardflexographic printing practices using thermal drying of ink solvents or UV-curing of solventless inks technologies. In a second part, it proposes a technically efficient and cost effective global solution for flexographic printing implying an advanced
Optomal Performance of UV Powders on Different Substrates by Combining Polyester and EPoxy Chemistry
Powder coating cured by ultraviolet light (UV powders) is a technology that combines the advantages of thermosetting powder coatings with those of liquid ultraviolet cure coating technology.The difference from standard powder coatings is that melting and curing are separated into two distinct processes : upon exposure to heat, UV curable powder coa
Ink Performance Properties of UV, Conventional and Hybrid Sheetfed Inks
In an attempt to bridge the technological gap between conventional and 100% UV inks for lithography, hybrid inks have been introduced onto the market during the last couple of years. In this paper, commercially available UV, conventional and hybrid sheetfed inks are compared in terms of formulation and performance. Ink properties like pigment wetti
Graphic Arts Working Group "UV-Basics, Benefits and Market trends"
The previous paper has set out the basics of the chemistry for UV curing, outlined thebenefits and shown some market trends. This paper will demonstrate the requirements for the curing equipment needed for efficient polymerisation of the ink or coating chemistry..
UV-Curable Powder Coatings on 3-D, MDF Substrates - A New Technology
Uv-curable powder is very well suited for coating 3-dimensional objects made from medium densityfibreboard (MDF), typically for use in kitchen, bathroom and general furniture applications. In thispaper, the advantagesand limitations of uv-powder over conventional adhesive laminates and liquiduv-coatings are outlined. The physical and chemical requi
UV - Basics Benefits and Market Trends
Although UV light curing technology has been used for over 30 years in the printing industry, it is still a new technology by comparison with conventional printing. More and more printers are converting to UV printing and the technology is being used in an increasing number of printing applications. Its growth rate is far above that of the printing