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UV Powder Coating on MDF, a Consolidating Technology
The powder coating on MDF was introduced into the market several years ago, at the beginning thermo-setting powders and, in the following years, UV powders were used. The installation of the first industrial plants for UV powder coating on MDF dates back to approximately three years ago; however, only few of them can be considered as fully operatio
Tiny Particles, Huge Effect - Performance Enhancement with Silica Nanocomposites
Highly transparent and low viscous silica nanocomposites (SNC) based upon standard, chemicallyunchanged acrylates and homogenously dispersed Si02-nanospheres (0 20 nm) cause a great improvement of numerous material properties like increase of scratch and abrasion resistance and highly reduced gas permeability. New results of a comprehensive study d
Stick!...UV Adhesion Characteristics on "difficult" Wood
The variety of wood species used in the production of Parquet and furniture is bewildering. Certain species are known to cause adhesion problems when UV coated. In the furniture and especially the parquet industry, where 95% or more, of pre-finished parquet is UV coated, this means that special attention must be given to a small number of problemat
Wood Coating With Respect To Environmental, Toxicological And Economical Aspects
In the last 5 years non satisfactory properties and high costs were the mainarguments against the use of waterborne UV-curable resins in an industrialapplication.To overcome the quality problems with a new generation of waterborne resins it isof course necessary to know the state of the art in the marked to be entered; whattechnical requirements ha
Rapi-Cure® Vinyl Ethers in Acrylate Oligomer-Based Free Radical UV Wood Coatings
ISP manufacture a wide range of vinyl ethers under the Rapi-Cure trade name. In the lastten years ISP has been instrumental in developing the use of these products as reactivediluents for radiation cured systems.Initial success was obtained using vinyl ethers to dilute high viscosity epoxide' oligomerswhich were cationically cured with the newly em
Some Practical Aspects Of Maleate/Vinyl Ether Systems In Wood Coating Application
New resins for wood coating applications, basedon Maleate/Vinyl ether (MA/VE) combinations,were introduced during the last years1. They showcertain advantages over the existing acrylate basedsystems. Because of their low toxicity, they arenot irritating nor sensitizing and because the systemconsists of only oligomeric materials, and thehereto relat
Aqueous Uv Curing Nc Dispersions As Lacquer Raw, Material For Coating Of Wooden Surfaces
IntroductionFurniture surfaces are usually treated with a protectinglacquer. In many parts of' the world 'peopledesire thatthe wooden surfaces keep their typical wooden structureand wooden appearance after lacquerings. This canbe obtained by an open—pore coating whereas a closed-porecoating depresses the wooden character and gives an ap—pearanceofa
Enhanced Uv Curing Of Heavily Pigmented Coatings For The Wood Industry Through Increased Peak Irradiance And Carrefull Wavelength Selection
INTRODUCTIONThis paper will describe the equipment and process currently used and how a relatively new and extremely versatile and compact high irradiance light source can totally eliminate the low intensity light tunnel and significantly reduce operating costs.