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The Rhodotrons : A New Range Of High Energy / High Power Industrial Accelerators For EB Processing
The Rhodotron is a new concept of CW electron accelerators, based on the principle of"recirculating" a beam through successive diameters of a single coaxial cavityresonating in metric waves. This design makes it possible to achieve CW accelerationof electron beams to high energies.The original design principle of the Rhodotron was first proposed in
High Speed Printing And Uvc Of 3-Dimensional Plastic Containers
    Radiation curing has long since conquered the packaging industry.Plastic and metal lids are decorated by the letterset (dry offset) printing process anddried with IA or cured by UV radiation.Plastic squeeze tubes, rigid tubes and vials are printed, overvarnished and dried orcured by radiation.Plastic cups and tubes are decor
surface modification of plastics to high intensity ultraviolet light
By William R. Schaeffer, Fusion UV Curing Systems - RadTech Europe 1989This paper investigates the use of high intensity ultraviolet energy employed in conjunction with altered spectral output to accomplish surface modification of a plastic to enhance adhesion of an ink or a coating in an efficient, safe and economical