RTE Committees

RTE consists of various committees and working groups; each one focussing on a specific market segment.

Management Committee (MC) - President Mr Paul Kelly (Luxsituv, United Kingdom)
The MC determines the strategy and objectives of RadTech Europe and reports to the members annually at the General Assembly, which elects the MC. The MC is responsible for the administration and the annual budget of the association.

Marketing Committee (MKC) - Chairman Mr Pieter de Maeght (Allnex S/A, Belgium):
The MKC works actively in the promotion of the UV/EB technology. Projects under the MKC's responsibility include the RTE News, RTE website, Awards Competition, development of promotional literature and supporting the various working groups.

Health, Safety & Environmental Committee (HSE) - Chairman Mr Martin Klatt (BASF SE, Germany):
The HSE Committee collects and informs members of the latest information on HSE issues.

Graphic Arts Working Group (GAWG) – Chairman Mr Daniel Kunz (BASF SE, Germany)
The main mission of this working group is to support the development of UV/EB technology in the printing industry by creating strong technical relationships with all relevant players.

Electron Beam Working Group (EBWG) – Chairman vacancy 

Metal Coating Working Group (MCWG) – Chairman vacancy 
The MCPG is responsible for opening up the metal coatings market segment for UV curing technology, by promoting and establishing real life examples of applied technology. The group will make a difference and have an impact on the general opinion of radcure technology for metal coatings.

In case you would like to become active in one of the committees and/or working groups described above, you can contact the RTE Secretariat for further actions.