Mission & Vision

Where radiation cure technology, manufacturers & markets meet

CDs and DVDs, magazines, credit cards, upscale shopping bags, labels, computer keyboards, cars, hardwood and vinyl tile flooring, food packaging, optical fibres, dental fillings, glassware, pipes and metal sheets….  These are just a sampling of the diverse range of commercial products which are produced using UV & EB radiation curing. 

Manufacturers around the world are increasingly turning to UV & EB for their coatings, ink, adhesive and composite applications.  As the premier membership association of industry experts of UV & EB technology in Europe, RadTech aims to bring together the radiation curing industry to promote and enhance the technology, production environment and end product, as well as the business, the marketplace and the future of radiation curing technology.

RTE aims to promote the benefits and use of UV/EB curing technology by providing an organised, collaborative platform on which to: interact and share information and documentation, increase the profile of radiation curing technology, hold and participate in educational, informative, networking events, manage committees and working groups on relevant industry topics, and achieve effective representation as a body in public affairs initiatives. 

RadTech Europe’s mission

The Association’s aim is to serve the interests of the UV & EB curing industry by advancing the profile and use of radiation curing technology in Europe.  This is achieved by promoting interaction and exchange among its members and the greater industry of UV/EB technology users and their related suppliers.  RTE maintains an extensive network of radiation cure users and experts, communicates relevant information through its magazine, website, and other mediums, hosts conferences and educational seminars, manages committees and working groups to address important issues and research, and provides full-time administrative and logistical support from its headquarters in The Hague.

A main priority of the Association is to promote the use of radiation cure technology by communicating its benefits and its diversity of applications—both among its diverse membership base and within the greater sphere of industries in which the technology is used or could be utilised.  To this end, RTE is routinely involved in identifying, researching and acting on issues relevant to the UV & EB industry, such as the harmonisation of standards and procedures for safety and optimal output of products, and the stimulation of R&D of radiation cure technology.  The Association deals at European and international levels with public and private bodies of interest to its members with regard to technical, ecological, economic and social developments within the industry.

RadTech Europe’s vision

UV & EB technology is already used in a wide variety and increasing number of industrial segments.  RTE envisions UV/EB technology gaining still broader acceptance by authorities and increased implementation throughout European industry.  The Association is confident that UV/EB technology will be recognised as one of the leading technologies for VOC reduction and economic development in the future.